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We are the UK’s leading producer of hand crafted branded Wine & Champagne merchandise. Established in 2002 we are the only company who produce these unique business Wine and Champagne gifts.

Used by businesses as merchandise for events such as Company promotions, Executive Gifts, Christmas Gifts and Staff and Customer Thank you’s, these elegant high quality bottles not only look stunning but taste spectacular too, with all our wines specially chosen for their fantastic flavour and quality.

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If you need personal gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other occasions, please visit our retail website on www.abstractbottles.com and design your very own personalised gift.

Abstract Bottles Corporate Wine and Champagne gifts

A Gift and a Card all in one.

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We never use shrink wraps or sticky labels!

The liquid never leaves the bottle and does not get treated to any kind of extreme temperatures to ensure the contents get to you in prime condition.

We then apply a special coating which we have developed that dries without any exposure to high temperatures which would spoil the wines inside.

It is a hard coating that we can colour match using the Pantone © matching system.

We also do metallic coatings in silver and gold.

Once the coating has set we can then print your logo and business message directly onto the bottle using our specially developed printing machines.

Finally, we finish the bottle with co-ordinating neck foils and labels if required.


Speciality Bottles

Occasionally a client will come to us with something a little different from what we do on a regular basis. We welcome the challenge of new ideas and creations that require us to think outside the box.

The images to the left show a few different bottles that have required some extra processes to give the client what they were looking for.

With the Jack Daniels bottle we removed the label from the front and side panels and replaced it with 3 individual labels printed directly onto the glass.

The Bacardi bottles were very difficult due to their shape and surface, but we were able to remove the main label and print the custom message label directly onto the glass.

For the UNW water bottles we had to specially coat the bottles to give the frosted look that our client was looking for.

On the large White Palace Magnum bottle, the client wanted a silver band to wrap completely round the bottle. This is usually an issue with our printing machines, but we developed a technique to do this for them.

Our goal is to always try and give the client what they want.